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Chris Chris United States ( Family with kids )
11 months ago

“ Kazuo is so passionate and detail oriented to help you have an amazing trip ”

Kazuo went way beyond what almost any other guide would do for me by helping me plan my trip in detail in advance since so many things require advance booking, planning, etc. He was fantastic!


Dear Chris Thank you for writing such a very good evaluation for me. My job was given priority to arranging your travel. I was deeply impressed by your will to have your son much pleasure in this travel. And I concentrated on it. Your satisfaction is my joy. I am looking forward to assist you also in your next travel. Best Regards, Kazuo

Private Tours

Traditional Culture Tour in West Tokyo Residential Area

(2) Reviews
by Kazuo
Witness an amazing blend of modern and ancient Japanese cultures through this West Tokyo tour. The suburb of hidden Futako-Tamagawa has been recently urban...
7.5 Hours US$ 252 up to 5 people

Tokyo Imperial Palace History Tour: Temples and Museum

(2) Reviews
by Kazuo
Are you interested in Japanese history? This history tour will perfectly fulfill your curiosity. As an important political center since the 17th Century, t...
6.5 Hours US$ 219 up to 5 people

Elegant Towns in West Tokyo

(2) Reviews
by Kazuo
In west part of Tokyo, there are several characteristic towns by short ride of train. Among them, Shimokitazawa, Goutokuji and Meguro Sky Garden are loved...
5 Hours US$ 168 up to 6 people

Yokohama, the Port City

(2) Reviews
by Kazuo
Yokohama has grown as a port city since the isolation policy of 260 years was lifted in middle 19th C. As the Western culture flowed into Japan, the city g...
8 Hours US$ 269 up to 5 people

Kamakura, the Ancient Capital

(2) Reviews
by Kazuo
Kamakura is one hour away from Tokyo by train and was once a capital city in 13-14th C. There are many old temples and shrines founded in the era. They h...
8.5 Hours US$ 286 up to 5 people