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Jeremy Jeremy United States ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ Favorite Day in Tokyo with Incredible Guide ”

With a limited time (3 days) in Tokyo, I was incredibly fortunate to have Mitsuru as a guide. Prior to meeting, we communicated about putting together a custom tour to learn about both the historic and new aspects of Tokyo. Mitsuru appeared on time with a planned itinerary to show my girlfriend and I the Nehonbashi Bridge as the center of Edo, and explained the historical significance of the nearby markets. We attended a department store opening to welcome its customers, a sake tasting, a cruise in Tokyo bay, fashion boutiques, samurai gardens, sumo stables, the 2020 Olympic site, and much more to learn about Tokyo past-to-present, hopping around via the metro. I definitely recommend having a 24-hour metro pass to make the most of your time. Mitsuru happily answered any question and was extremely knowledgeable and generous. We could not have asked for a better ambassador for Tokyo. Thanks so much again! -Jeremy & Victoria


Dear Jeremy, I am really glad that you & Victoria enjoyed those days in Tokyo.. I feel lucky for attracting nice couples like you guys! You are very active and young, so I thought metro could be a good way to explore the city. Tokyo is very challenger city and for each type of visitor, there is a right mean of transportation, right spots to be visited etc. So, thank you for letting me know your preferences, physical condition and interests, then I could plan and customized your tour accordingly! Thanks for the nomination Tokyo’s ambassador 😂.. If you have a chance, please come again and let’s visit others parts of Japan! Thank you so much and see you guys again here or in PA! Hugs, Mitsuru Japan