Licensed Guide
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US$ 33 Hourly rate
Sheharyar Sheharyar Netherlands ( Couple )
2 weeks ago

“ guiding in Tokyo ”

Masako is nice pleasant person to work, we like our time while in Tokyo.


Hi Sheharyar, thank you for your review. We didn't have much time in Tokyo. I wish I could have. Did you enjoy Japan a lot? We expect you come to Japan again some other day.

Private Tours

Let's have a great experience of Flower Arrangement at my ho...

(4) Reviews
by Masako
You can learn Ikebana ( traditional Japanese Flower Arrangement ) with an explanation of its historical background while having fun. ( For 1 hour and a ha...
2h US$ 47 per person

Let's have a great experience of making Sushi at my house in...

(4) Reviews
by Masako
*Experience of Sushi making ( 2 hours ) and Sushi Party ( 1 hour ) I teach you how to make traditional Japanese Sushi such as Hand-shaped Sushi, Thin...
3h US$ 66