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Mariluz Mariluz United States ( Solo )
9 months ago

“ 6+ hours in Tokyo ”

My time in Tokyo with Toshi was very enjoyable. Toshi knows so much about the history of Japan and every little corner of the city. I asked her to visit specific sites and she delivered them beautifully. Toshi is graceful and calm which made for a very delightful day. Thank you, Toshi! I will be back!


Thank you, Mariluz! Glad to know you had fun; I did too! You requested a shopping tour for products made in Japan such as organic cosmetics, ceramics, stationaries, and green tea. What do you think of Ginza stores? I felt like as if we were doing museum-hopping as products were so beautifully displayed. Don‘t you think so? Our next stop was a small shopping mall with unique artisan works. There are more stores you need to check out! Please come back to Tokyo in spring so that you can see the cherry blossoms. Hope to see you again.


Kamakura your way

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Kamakura, the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, is a beautiful residential area dotted with zen temples. The Great Buddha is another highlight. The Pacific Ocean...
6 時間 ¥ 21,000 6人まで people

Kawagoe Old Town - 7hrs

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Showcases well-preserved traditional architecture featuring clay-wall warehouses. Kitain Temple has buildings which were relocated from Edo Castle. These a...
7 時間 ¥ 24,000 6人まで people

Harajuku & Shibuya Half Day Walking Tour (4 hrs)

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Harajuku is Kawaii Town! (Kawaii = cute) It's a mecca for those into kawaii culture, particularly young ladies. This includes popular sites: the Meiji Jin...
4 時間 ¥ 14,000 10人まで people

Shinjuku - Half Day, 4hrs - Daytime or Evening

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Would you like to explore Shinjuku, the entertainment capital of Japan? It's a walking tour which encompasses a visit to a 45-story observation deck, bac...
4 時間 ¥ 14,000 6人まで people

Tokyo your way (4 hours)

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Ah, Tokyo! So little time, so many places to see! All the places recommended below (see Itinerary) are personal favorites. You can't go wrong with any of t...
4 時間 ¥ 15,000 6人まで people

Home visit, Sushi making & learning from locals.

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Toshi's house is in the beautiful upper-middle class residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. It is a good opportunity to learn about Japanese life and cu...
7 時間 ¥ 12,000 per person