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Jennifer Jennifer United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Super Fun Tour of Akihabra ”

I waited until I was completely home from our trip to officially write Arnold a glowing review. He is an absolutely fabulous person. From our first interactions online setting up our time together to the day we arrived he has and had been nothing short of super attentive and helpful. A little background... we booked 6 hours with him... as we were coming from another tour in Japan and had that amount of free-time before having to head back. What I especially enjoyed was Arnold’s flexibility and suggestions even on the day. We ended up at a Shiba Cafe (which was not originally in the itinerary). And worked out perfectly timing wise. My husband unfortunately came down with a horrible throat sickness before our tour. And Arnold took us to a drugstore and translated what we needed. Which was amazing and something that would have been very difficult to do on our own. I really enjoyed Japan and what we did in Akihabara, but most of it was experiencing it with both my hubby and Arnold. Consider yourself very lucky to book Arnold as your guide. When we come back in a few years we’ll have to get him again. Thanks again Arnold. We loved our time with you. Jen and Bryan.


Thank you so much for the wonderful review Jen and Bryan. I had so much fun touring Akihabara with you guys. You guys are truly awesome and thank you so much for the cookies. They are very delicious and are now my favorite. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey in Japan. I hope to see everyone again soon someday in the future. Sincerely, Arnold.

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