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Roberta Roberta United States ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ 1st time in Japan. We saw a lot in one day in Tokyo and 2nd day we took a train to Kyoto with Mitsuru ”

It was a Pleasure to spend time with Mitsuru. He spoke very good English, very knowledgeable, flexible and prompt. He also helped us to navigate through Tokyo alone on our off days. He educated us & gave us tips on how to use the train system. He was just GREAT! We HIGHLY recommend Misuru. We look forward to seeing him on our next visit. A genuine and pleasant person to spend a few days with.


DEAR Roberta & Hass, it was my PLEASURE to spent some days with you, wonderful couple and full of things to talk about! Thank you for trusting in my ideas, everything flowed perfectly and time flew! KYOTO, the ancient capital is always a great option when we have rainy days in Kanto area (Tokyo, Hakone, Fuji..). Thanks HASS for your book recommendation, very interesting and I hope to have time to read it some day, on the other hand, try Ikigai! 👍 ROBERTA, I heard form someone that you did a lot of shopping in Shinjuku, it was your day! 😂 Cheers and thanks a lot for everything! Really hope to see you again in the near future! Hugs, MITSURU JAPAN