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Paweł Paweł Poland ( Friends )
1 week ago

“ Genius day with Ai! ”

Ai kindness is unmeasurable - she was so good for us! We spend 8 hrs visiting among other Meiji Jingu Shrine ( it was for us one of the best attractions as this Shrine is build in very traditional style and history is bounded to that place). Moreover we saw also Shibuya, Harajuku, Tsukiji fish Market ( where we tasted a lot of good things such as japaniese omlet or green tee or really delicious dumplings, comparable to polish one or maybe even better! ) . We visited also Asakusa where we tasted really good Ramen and dango - those flavour you won't forget - it's just amazing. Anyway, during the day we were talked about anime, japaniese history, history of visited places, and much more! Ai showed us also some good view points , restsurants and popular streets and districts in Tokyo. With Ai you can talk whole days and you wouldn't stop as Ai has really awesome personality and you will notice that she always take care of her clients and never leave someone behind. She is also flexible. I can highly recommend Ai with all my heart. She is smart, cheerful, good oriented in City, intelligent, really adorable ( especially when she is surprised of something, then she sounds really cool :D ). She will always found the best way and help with moving around Tokyo. Me and my 2 friends spend one of the best day in our entire life with Ai - does she has any minus? Definitely NO- if you want to spend unforgetable time in Tokyo - Ai is definitely the right choice.5 stars is definitely not enough to rate Ai - you need to just experience it as any word will convey our happiness :) . Next time I will definitely choose Ai once again to visit another places! At the end of the day we shed some tears as this day we will mention to our grandkids! Real Massive Thank you Ai


Dear Pawel, I have no idea how to reply to such an impressive review... thank you so much... I am very happy to have an opportunity to guide you all in Tokyo. I love the characters of all of you, cute, dynamic, and knowledgeable. I have been guiding for more than 1 years, but your reactions were very fresh to me and I learned a lot from all of you. I enjoyed listening to Peter’s stories and loved Marcel’s cuteness, and your kindness. Yes, I’m looking forward to guiding you again in Japan. I’ll be an expert guide in Hokkaido or other places, too. Please enjoy the rest of your stay in Tokyo. Keep in touch♫ Ai

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