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Michael Michael United States ( Family )
2 weeks ago

“ Tokyo Hot August Days ”

Our 3 days in Tokyo was fabulous! Kaori was wonderful! She treated us like we're family or old friends. She was accommodating and well organized. She explained everything thoroughly and expertly guided us around Tokyo. The weather was sweltering hot but Kaori made sure to allow plenty of cooling breaks to keep us in good shape. She even introduced us to some products the locals use to stay refreshed and hydrated in the hot and humid weather. With Kaori, we got the most out of our time in Tokyo. I highly recommend her to anyone. She respected our time and was always there to help. Her instructions on the metro lines were invaluable and enabled us to safely and efficiently navigate around Tokyo. We are so glad that we booked with Kaori instead of attempting to see Tokyo on our own. We learned so much more about Japanese history and culture. We saw more of the sights than we would have on our own. Plus I'm sure our family of 4 squabbled less! I can't say enough about Kaori, who is a treasure. She was not only our guide but also our translator, navigator, booking agent, chef and instructor.


Thank you for giving me such an excellent comment even when you're still on your vacation, Michael-san. And thanks again for choosing me as your family's guide for Tokyo. I also felt like I was a part of your family these 3 days. I'm so thankful for your family's kindness to me. It was really fun to stroll around the spots you chose with leisurely pace with your family. Enjoyed talking with each of you. The hotness and humidity was beyond your expectations, but good, we managed with enough cooling breaks, which we really need this time of the year to avoid heat strokes. And good, now you know how to deal with this hotness. I'm happy each of your family completed must-do's in Tokyo and every time you did, I was so glad to see your happy faces. I'm impressed that your original request list is so well organized. I realized how you prepared well for this trip to Japan and looked forward to it. I was willing to help to make it happen in the most efficient easiest way for you. I'm looking forward to having a cherry blossom picnic party under the cherry blossoms next time! Enjoy your rest of your holidays in Japan and also Soul.Hugs and kisses, Kaori

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