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Gregor Gregor Austria ( Couple )
4 months ago

“ The best guide that we could find for exploring Tokyo ”

He was already during our preplanning very helpful. He was on time in our Hotellobby, showed us around the hotel interesting things( old shows, sake shops, elegant departmentalized, measurepoint under bridge and explained a lot historic details like Edo and others. Then he guided us sadly through the Tokyo Metrosystem to Waseda University, where I wanted register for a Congress. Due to the poor organization we could not find the right place but Mitsuru could find it after an hour finally.After such a stressfull search in the heat we needed a lunch. He accompanied us and bilingual he spoke in Portugese with my friend Bruno and in English with me. So we had a delightful and interesting day. Then he guided us through Tokyo station to Shinkansen accompanied us till the train, gave us at the end a nice brochure about Tokyo details and send us fotos from our memorable tour. We definitely recommend him as tourguide to everyone who want someone special! Thank You Mitsuru for your great tour, that You presented us!🇯🇵🇧🇷


Hallo Gregor, what a honor to have guided you and Bruno!! You were my first Austrian client and it was an excellent experience.. Despite I could not provide the tour you deserved, I am very glad to get such a great review from you. I did my best, but I am very sorry about Waseda’s poor organization for this level of international congress and under a 35 degree heat walking around different campuses, it seemed too long. Surprisingly, today was an unusual day tour for me. I appreciated your decision in spending the rest of the day, having a awesome lunch, kakigori (wow, that one was great!), coffee and mainly, a great conversation!! Very impressed with your knowledge of different cultures, countries.. so, I also learned a lot from you and hope to meet you guys again here or in Europe some day!! Danke, arigatou, obrigado!! Thank you so much and hugs, Mitsuru Japan