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Tim Tim United States ( Family with kids )
Very Good
3 months ago

“ Disneyland and Tokyo with Maru ”

We had a great time with Ai. She was nice and fun. Disneyland was great with her. Would recommend.


Thank you for the review for me, Tim. I also enjoyed 2 days with you. I hope I can see you again soon! Ai

Private Tours

⭐️Tokyo 1-day Sightseeing tour with Ai⭐️

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by Ai
Best tour to discover the highlights of Tokyo. You can also arrange your destinations if there are some places you would like to visit.
7h $ 262 up to 9 people

Kamakura One day highlight tour with Ai

(75) Reviews
by Ai
We visit hilight spots in Kamakura.
8h $ 347 up to 5 people

Hiking tour in Kamakura with Ai☆

(75) Reviews
by Ai
Kamakura is a historical cityin Kanagawa prefecture which is known as “ the Kyoto of Kanto region”. It’s a very popular tourist destination. Kamakura attra...
9h $ 337 up to 5 people