Local Guide
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$ 66 Hourly rate
DEANNA DEANNA United States ( Family )
3 months ago

“ Excellent tour guide ”

Mr. Masato is very accommodating. He made the trip very enjoyable because he is a safe driver who knows all the destinations we want to see very well, and helped take very good pictures.


Hello, DEANNA San, I also enjoyed the tour with you all! I am happy that you are pleased with the photos taken during the tour. Please enjoy the nice and wonderful trip continuously in Japan! Thank you again! Masato

Private Tours

One day tour of Mt. Fuji, a Japanese world heritage site

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We will visit Mt. Fuji by a Care taxi from your hotel in Tokyo. We can climb up to the 5th station of Mt. Fuji by the taxi from spring to autumn. Dependi...
10h $ 815 up to 6 people

Ride from your hotel in Tokyo to Kusatsu Onsen

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We will visit Kusatsu Onsen by Van taxi from the hotel in Tokyo. Please enjoy the hot springs the treasure of Japan at Kusatsu Onsen. You can also enjoy ...
5h $ 562 up to 6 people