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James James Australia ( Family with kids )
Very Good
4 months ago

“ A great intro to Tokyo ”

We enjoyed a customised tour of Tokyo with Mitsuru for 4 hours. He met us at our hotel and took us on our way. Mitsuru is knowledgeable and very polite. He provided us with a folder detailing a history of Japan including maps and and points of interest - this was very helpful and a great reference for us after we finished our tour. It was a great morning and it was a good introduction into Tokyo. If you are customising your tour be sure to give Mitsuru a good understanding of what you want to do as there is so much to see.


G’day James & George! Thanks for your comments! Lynne did a great job arranging this tour with me and comfort pack. Thanks to her we could spent a short, but wonderful time at a couple of historical sites. As you said, there are so much to see in Tokyo. Please allow you at least 3 days in Tokyo in the next year! Looking forward to meet all your family in Tokyo 2020! Thank you so much! Cheers from Tokyo!