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Angelina & Nick Angelina United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ One Day Tokyo Tour Experience ”

There's six of us in the group and it's our 16th day in Japan. Tokyo is the last place we will visit and we're all excited because Tokyo is a famous city. The excitement turned into disappointment because we booked five tours with TripleLights and our previous guides were excellent, fun, and organized. We have a comparison and Kashima was not prepared compared to those other guides. Many times, he will tell us to wait and step aside on the streets and he will asked for directions at the Train Information Desk. He barely communicated with us and will not offer to take us pictures. We had a hard time looking for lunch and there was a miscommunication with the waiter when I requested for a fork. He served each one of us a bottle of Coke. I know it's not Kashima's fault, but if he will just speak with us, this incident could have been avoided. Overall, our Tokyo Tour Experience is very boring and not memorable at all. I will not recommend Kashima to anyone.


Angelina san, Thank you very much for your honest and helpful review for me and selecting me as a guide for you precious tour. I am so sorry that I could not have your tour be memorable and make you feel boring due to my insufficient supporting for your tour. One thing I need to make sure is that our original agreed tour plan was Tsukiji market, Asakusa, Tokyo cruising, Hamarikyu garden, Meiji shrine and Shibuya crossing. On the tour day, according to your latest request to avoid cruising and temples, we skipped Tokyo-cruising, Hamarikyu garden and Meiji shrine, instead we visited Rikugien garden. I can be anytime flexible to change the tour plan according to customers request. However, at this time I could not well support for the change of the plan for you. Because I learned that I need to escort the customers more efficiently, more active communication , more active supporting to take photos and more efficient recommendation for the customers lunch, I will definitely take your these important suggestion to improve my guiding skill from now-on. Thanks you very much, Kashima