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Catherine Catherine New Zealand ( Family )
1 month ago

“ Akira - a friendly, knowledgeable guide ”

We had a great time. Akira catered to our needs really well. His suggestions for ice-cream stop, snack and dinner were superb. We enjoyed the Shibuya crossing and the story behind the dog Hachiko and other such gems along our various destination points in our itinerary. Akira is a courteous, kind and friendly guide.


Dear Catherine, Thank you so much for the great review. Yes, indeed, we had a great time that day. Wondering in unique Nakano Broadway, taking a rest at my favorite coffee shop, observing amazing human flow at Shibuya crossing, enjoying ice cream and good Katsu-Curry at local restaurant..... I hope those wonderful time that we shared made a good introduction to my loving city. I am wishing that you will have a great time for the rest of the days in Japan. See you next time! Sincerely, Akira

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