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Aidan Aidan United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Fantastic tour with Toru ”

So 3 full days in Tokyo. What do you do? You could finagle through a Fodors guide and do it yourself. That’s a lot of work. Or you could get yourself a guide. Having help in Japan is a must. It was key navigating around, conversing for informational purposes and moreover having a local guide show you the beauty that is Tokyo. We did so much on Sunday with my brother here too for that day. It culminated in Karaoke Can as we were retracing the movie Lost in Translation. Toru navigated us through Japanese Anime, The Harajuku district and then onto Karoke Can where we all had so much fun. The next day solo with Toru, we went to Sky Tower, Pokémon Store, A sumo demonstration with lunch that he dropped me off and picked me up from and then onto the Samurai museum which was amazing. Today we go to the Edo museum. Toru is very caring and thoughtful. He was open to spontaneous ideas. His translation skills were so helpful. A total gentleman and a great guide. Thank you Toru.


This Is Your Exotic Tour In Yokohama

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by Toru
I will guide you scrolling around the Japanese Landscape Garden, where you can experience the tea ceremony and taste powdered green tea, within three hours...
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