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Kerstin Kerstin Austria ( Family with kids )
1 month ago

“ Great tour of Tokyo ”

We had booked our tour for one day and met Yukiko at our hotel. She was very punctual and explained the day ahead with us and we immediately felt comfortable with her.She was very knowledgeable and friendly. She had the plan worked out perfectly and she showed us all the highlights of Tokyo and could answer all of our questions.We had a lovely lunch in an authentic japanese restaurant and enjoyed the guide very much.We would definitely recommend Yukiko and the service by Triplelights.Well done by all of them!


Thank you so much for your great review Kerstin! I had very enjoyable time with you to talk about Japan and your country. The meeting with my clients from all over the world always expand my curiosity and broaden my horizon. I would like to learn more about not only Japan but also other countries that gives me a deep view into the differences, similarities and relationship between Japan and the world. Please feel free to contact with me anytime. Domo Arigatou Gozaimashita!!