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Lye Kuen Lye Singapore ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Akira The Perfect Guide for Tokyo ”

We had two wonderful days with Akira guiding us around in Tokyo on 21 and 23 Jun. I was in Tokyo with my 90-year old mum, my friend whose mum is 77 years old. Due to their age we brought wheelchairs to facilitate them in the sight-seeing. The itinerary was well planned and we didn't feel rushed or hurried when touring. Akira was thoughtful and he planned trip at a very good pace for us. He bought us to places where we could view old residential places which were very interesting. On our first day, the itinerary was to end the tour at a Hinode Pier at 4.00 pm so that we can go to Tennodai Station by 6.00 pm. The train was crowded and a few transfers of trains were needed before we could proceed to Tennodai Station. Instead of parting with us at Hinode Pier, Akira fetched us to Hinode Station, As it was crowded, Akira decided to fetch us to Shimbashi Station. Upon reaching Shimbashi Station, we still had to proceed to Nippori Staion. Akiri then decided willingly that he would fetch us to Nippori Station which meant that we didn't have to worry about switching trains. By the time we parted with Akira, it was more than one and a half hour past his official end time. We appreciate the extra mile Akira did fr us. Thank you Akira. I would readily recommend for anyone to book Akira for a private tour, especially if a member of your tour group needs the help of wheelchair in moving around. Thank you Akira,


Dear Jean, Thank you very much for the great review. I am very happy that you enjoyed the tours. At first, I was little worry that if Po Pos will be okay with this walking tour using public transportations. However, everything went very smooth and I am very glad that we all were able to have a great time. It was my pleasure to guide happy, jolly, curious and warm people like you, Evelyn, and "Po Po"s. Throughout the tours, you all made me feel positive about being aged, and I learned a lot through our conversations, observing how you treat people. I am looking forward to another chance to explore my loving city together again. 再会! Akira P.S. Thank you so much for the offertories which has been thought often as a sign of insult in Japan by many tourists. Now you know they are wrong through seeing me how happy I was when received them....

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