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martin Martin United Kingdom ( Couple )
1 month ago

“ wet day but bright smile from Kaori ”

we had pretty heavy rain for all of our time in tokyo kaori came with extra umbrellas witch was very thoughtful but still didn't stop us getting very wet but before the weather beat us we had some quality time in tokyo with Kaori ,the palace ,shrine and gardens were great and like a real trooper you kept going, great woman, we learned a lot in the short space of time we had thank you so much we all enjoyed it but being wet through just put a damper on it ( not Kaori's fault at all ) would definitely use triple lights again and Kaori she was brilliant there were 8 of us and she kept checking on us like a mother hen Martin & jane and the rest of the group from the UK


Thank you for giving me the kindest warmest comment on me, Martin-san. I’m very sorry we had a heavy rain on your last day of Japan. I wish I could have shown all of you the beautiful sites in an interesting city Tokyo without being wet on the tour day. I was impressed you all care for each other and know how to enjoy life even in a bad condition. I should be better to avoid getting wet for you not to to be beaten by being wet. I’m so thankful for British ladies and gentlemen’s warmness and sense of humor. Singing in the rain was the most memorable moment. It was great to meet you all. Say love to Jane-san and the rest of ladies and gentlemen from UK. Really willing to do much better tour with you in the future. With a thankful heart, Kaori

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