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Kim Kim United States ( Family )
11 months ago

“ Most thorough tour in Tokyo ”

We were only scheduled to be in Tokyo for a few days when we booked our tour with Arnold. Thanks to him, we struck off everything on our lists in just one day! He was accommodating, patient, and thorough, customizing an entire tour of the city based on our interests, requests, and preferences. He even went to an animal cafe with us and took pictures! Thanks to him we were able to experience the hidden and authentic spots of the city--places we could have never enjoyed if we didn't have a native Japanese local with us. Trips to a hidden gem in ithe Tsukiji fish market (a highlight of our entire trip) and instructions on how to draw fortunes at Sensoji Temple were just some of the wonderful things we experienced with Arnold. He is a fluent English speaker who studied and worked in America for years who can explain cultural quirks and differences to foreign visitors. Not only that, his personality is wonderful, and he is sincere, funny, patient, and kind. No tour is better than Arnold’s and we’re convinced he's the best guide in Japan!


Thank you so much for the wonderful review Kim! I had a wonderful time with everyone and am so glad we accomplished so much in a short time. I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed my tour. The Tsukiji fish market is by far my favorite part as well. Thank you so much once again and I look forward to seeing everyone again someday in the future. Sincerely, Arnold.

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