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Leslie Leslie United States ( Family )
1 month ago

“ First day in Tokyo ”

“Nobu” gave us a fantastic tour for our first day in Tokyo. We went to several different areas that we wanted to see. She created an itinerary based on our interests. Pre-arrival her communication was also excellent so we knew what to expect. Now we feel we can navigate transportation to spend some time in the areas we would like to return to & new places. Highlights were Meji Shrine, Fish Market & a fantastic but reasonably priced lunch restaurant. She also helped us with purchases and ordering. Her cultural knowledge also ensured we wouldn’t make any cultural missteps and she also provided the history and background. We would only have been able to do a fraction of the things we saw on the tour. For those like us not familiar with the language, currency, areas, etc It would have been quite difficult without her. It was also very hot and it was great to be able to quickly able to get where we were going without any missteps.Best use of our vacation dollars. Whole heartedly recommend Nobu.


Dear Leslie, Thank you for your wonderful review ! I am so happy to know you and Koner enjoyed the time with me yesterday. I also had a interesting time with you. However, it was so hot yesterday, wasn't it ? Were you OK after the tour ? Have you find something fine for suveniers in Shibuya? I hope you had a good time in Tokyo today, too. Please come to Tokyo again and stay longer next time. I am looking forward to seeing you again! Give my best regards to Koner.


Tokyo 1day Customized Tour

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Tokyo Half-day Customized Tour

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