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Gwen Gwen Australia ( Friends )
1 month ago

“ 3days not that enjoyable ”

Tosh hijiro was pleasant. Punctual. English needs to improve, did not appear to understand some of the places we would like to have visited. Told to far or to much walking. We suggested several times using taxi but he would not listen, also Told to expensive! It was not for our guide to determine what we could afford Overall we were very disappointed.


Dear Gwen-san, Thank you very much for the frank comments on the tour review. And I sincerely apologize that you were very disappointed to the tour in spite that you had been looking forward to the sightseeing from many months ago. Your comments are very helpful and useful for my future to become a capable tour guide. I strongly feel that I need to improve my skills. Thank you again for the honest opinion. Best regards, Toshihiro

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