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Anthony Anthony United States ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ 3 tours in Tokyo and environs ”

We had 3 different tours with Nobuo - 1 at the Edo Royal Palace in Tokyo, 1 was a gereral tour of all of Tokyo and one was a trip to the country to see Mt. Fuji. Nobuo san educated us in the Japanese culture. After telling him our likes, he developed a customized tour schedule seeing the sites that were most important to us. He was very respectful and polite. He was also flexible as sometimes weather and traffic changes your plans. We wanted to see the tourist attractions but he also took us to places where we met the locals and had meals with the Japanese people. We saw things that we would have never seen if not for him. He also knew about timing so that we could accomplish everything in a fairly relaxed way and not rush.


It's very kinf of you. I am very happy to hear that. Please let me know when you come to Japan, I am looking forward to seeeing you again. much appeciated.

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One day - Experience Tokyo & Edo Culture

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by Nobuo
You never see Tokyo until you see Edo. By joying the tour, you will experience the present Japanese culture, history, the way of thinking, and a sense of b...
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