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Wee Wee Singapore ( Family )
1 week ago

“ Fast to come up with itinerary but not attentive enough ”

Kashima san was very fast in responding with a one-day Tokyo itinerary and adjusted it twice before we agreed and paid. Prior to the tour, I had conveyed specifically that there will be 2 persons who are about 80 years old but Kashima san had to be reminded him several times to slow down his pace. It was rather hot in the day and Kashima san could have been more attentive to the elderly folks to make sure they were doing alright. On the whole, we did not think Kashima san did a bad job but we could certainly do with more proactive sharing of information on Tokyo on Kashima san’s part instead of me asking him questions all the time! Cheers,


Wee san, Thank you very much for your honest and helpful review for me and selecting me as a guide for you precious tour. During the mail communication with you before the tour starting, I was informed that two elderly people of your family will accompany with you. Therefore, we decided to make a tour plan in Tokyo by three spots of Sensouji Temple, Tokyo cruise & Hamarikyu and East garden in Imperial palace by taking ample rest time each between the spots for a full day tour. I am very much sorry that I could not enough to watch and care your father and mother so that they can walk more slowly and be relaxed to visit each site. And I should find more better places for your parents to take ample rest. I shared the information of Japanese history, religion and culture for each spots to you and your family, but I should share more information with you about general Tokyo related topics and so-on while taking a rest, riding in cruise and walking inside Imperial palace. I will take your suggestion to improve my guiding skill from now-on. I hope that you and your family continue to enjoy your tour in Japan. Thanks, Kashima