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Gill Gill United Kingdom ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Walking tour of Tokyo highlights ”

Toshihiro guided round some of the highlights of Tokyo on foot and public transport which was very interesting. He was informative and very happy to give us plenty of time for photos and looking at whatever we wanted. The sights were all fascinating and colourful. We did not want to go to museums and preferred to wander around the places popular with Japanese people. We had a lovely day and enjoyed our time with Toshihiro.


Dear Gill-san and Tony-san, Thank you for the fine tour review. You arrived at Tokyo by cruise ship in early morning and did Tokyo tour. I think that you were tired but I hope that you enjoyed the city watching in Tokyo. It was nice discussion for me to compare London with Tokyo, and Queen with Emperor. I could learn many things about UK and England. In some tourist spots, there were too many people. I hope that the photos would be good enough as memory of Tokyo. Best regards, Toshihiro

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