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Jason Jason Australia ( Family with kids )
1 year ago

“ Wonderful and friendly tour guide! ”

Ourf family of 6 spent half a day in Tokyo with Hiroko who took us to the Tsujiki Outer Market and Asakusa area (with a few other interesting little stops along the way). Hiroko met us at our accommodation and helped us gain our confidence in navigating the metro system. She is very friendly, has excellent English and provided great tips and information on living in Tokyo and the areas we visited. If you want a fantastic introduction to Tokyo, let Hiroko be your guide - you'll be glad you did!

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Tsukiji outer market + One more must-see spot of your choice...

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At Tsukiji market, we will enjoy exploring and sampling various Japanese food, and learn Japanese culinary culture. After eating lunch, we will move to o...
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TSUKIJI Outer Market 3 hours WALKING TOUR  Let's try Japan...

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Best Tokyo Highlights in 7 hours

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【Recommended for the first day in Tokyo】 I will make the itinerary specially for you. Please let me know your preferences. Recommended places are ●Tsuk...
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