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Ed Ed Australia ( Couple )
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3 months ago

“ Tokyo attractions ”

Kashima, thank you for your guiding over the four days last week. We caused you some inconvenience when we forced a change of plans on you but you were able to handle the new priorities brilliantly. We wish you the very best for the future. Best regards, Trish and Ed


Ed san, Thank you very much for your great review for me and selecting me as a guide for you precious tour. You requested me as a guide for four days tour guiding separated by one days in between. You preferred to visit the tour sites where you can go without spending long transportation movement and not into noisy crowded spots. I am pleased that you and your wife asked me to include very interesting sites that are not a crowded but feel us traditional Japanese atmosphere such as Omiya Bonsai museum & Bonsai village and experience of Toden riding from Waseda to Otsuka station that is a tram only survived here in Tokyo. Also, we visited Zojoji temple, Tokyo tower, Ueno Toshogu shrine, Tokyo cruise, Hamarikyu garden, Edo museum in Ryogoku, Samurai museum, Tokyo National museum and Omotesando Oriental Bazaar. We could exchange various topics of Japanese history, culture, Japanese religion, Tokugawa Shogunate and general events in Japan. I hope that you can introduce the experience you had in your country and I am looking forward to meeting with you in future. Thanks, Kashima