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andre Andre Monaco ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Get to know some characteristics of the city of Tokyo in a one day first visit ”

We spend a wonderful day with Hiroko, who we learned to know as a joyful, charming person with a lot of knowledge about Japanese culture and excellent knowledge of the English language. We left it up to Hiroko to propose the different places to visit and she made an excellent choice: the fish market on a Saturday morning, the transport with the subway, the township of Asakusa with the marvellous atmosphere of the Senso-ji and the township of Shibuya with the Meiji shrine and the modern and animated area of Omotesando -dori. Hiroko transmitted to us a fascination for this exciting city and we followed her recommendations for visits the next day on our own, which we enjoyed very much. Thank you so much dear Hiroko for this beautiful day in Tokyo with you!!

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TSUKIJI Outer Market 3 hours WALKING TOUR  Let's try Japan...

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Best Tokyo Highlights in 7 hours

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