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Kelly Kelly United States ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Personalized & perfect tour ”

Kashima was an outstanding guide who listened to what we wanted to see and then he delivered on each part! In addition to our scheduled tour Kashima delivered us to Swallow stadium to see the Giants/Swallows Baseball game, helped us purchase a unplanned third person’s ticket so that they could sit as close as possible to our pre-purchased tickets. The trip to the Sumo wrestlers training stable was fantastic! Kashima followed that up with Sumo Museum that let us know how well connected to the most important Sumo Stable in Tokyo we had just visited! Kashima not only did everything he promised but more. Kashima exceeded our expectations! Highly recommend. Kelly & Steve


Hello Kelly san, Steve san, Thank you very much for your great and utmost review for me. I am very much pleased that you selected me as a tour guide for your precious two days tour in Japan. I was impressed that you and your husband have strong curiosity about Japanese sports such as Japanese baseball & Sumo and Japanese history such as Samurai, Emperor ,Japanese religion and modernized period in Japan. We visited Sumo training watching in Hakkaku stable, Sumo museum, Edo-Tokyo museum which shows the history from Edo period to current Japan, Imperial palace, Zojoji temple which is for Tokugawa shogunate graveyard, Samurai museum , Yanaka street where you could enjoy the atmosphere of old temple town including traditional Japanese foods. Also, you could enjoy Japanese baseball game in Jingu stadium from the beginning to end of the game in the night. I am grateful that we could exchange the information and opinion each other about various topics through the tour sites. I am looking forward to meeting with you again in near future. Thanks, Kashima