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Carla Carla United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Excellent tour guide with deep knowledge of Tokyo and its history ”

We hired Toshi for a 2 day tour in Tokyo and it was super worth it. He took us all around the city by subway - which saved time and money. He had extensive knowledge of the history of Tokyo and Japan which helped tremendously when visiting the different places and connecting the dots. We traveled to Kyoto after and a lot of what we learned with Toshi came in handy - it was great to understand more about Japan and also learned lots of historical facts. The tour itself was a great mix of traditional tourist attractions (Imperial palace gardens, shrines and ueno park) with key urban areas of Tokyo (Takeshita street, Shibuya). We had a really comprehensive schedule (8 hours each day) and visited multiple places that were all equally worth it - and Toshi just makes the experience super enjoyable - we'll miss him! Thanks so much Toshi for the best tour of Tokyo!!!


Dear Carla-san and Jarrod-san, Thank you for the excellent tour review. It was also wonderful time for me to walk around various area in Tokyo with you. I must apologize as I said "We don't need umbrella today", but it was slightly rainy in the Imperial place on the first day of the tour. Thank you for your patience. And I appreciate your multi language skill. Jarrod-san is a big person and one guy in Tsukiji market mistook him as a professional basketball player. But he is an extremely gentle person. I was really lucky to guide you. I am happy to hear that my explanation about Japanese history was useful when you were in Kyoto. From this May, new era came to Japan because emperor changed. You were in Tokyo at Heisei era. But we are now in Reiwa era. Please come to Japan again in near future to see new era of the country. Best regards, Toshihiro

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