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Mary Elizabeth Mary United States ( Family )
Very Good
1 year ago

“ Seeking mt Fuji and Hakone. Up100 steps ”

We chose this company's tour of Mt Fuji and Hakone as it used Shinjuku to start and finish the guide Makato was knowledgeable and accommodating to all the bus had narrow but comfortable seats up 4 steps We were not warned of the lack of handicaps essay many stops and points. No elevators just 2-3 flights of stairs to climb and hundreds of yards to walk on inot maintained paths This tour should be rated As not for those with mobility problems and not for those who can not com flights of stairs in near freezing weather We also learnned that the company brochure addresses summer weather and never statesthat in March the tour does not go to 5th stage and winter snow means less than 10percent chance seeing Fuji in winter The tour was exhausting for senior citizens and is not recommended for them. The crowds were rude and inconsiderate at times to slower walkers. Bus mates were kind The driver was wonderful with mountain roads the guide worked with every passenger personally to make their day and to get them to their hotel safely. Makato is a national Japan guide and helped some with future travel in detail Nd with good humor


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7:30h $ 107 per person

1-day Mt.Fuji Bus Tour

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9h $ 125 per person