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jason Jason United States ( Solo )
3 months ago

“ Engaging, knowledgeable, and very nice! ”

I spent 7 hours with yoko and the entire experience was like a visual treat, plus a history lesson. Every place we went to, OR was around, she knew the history in detail which made what i was photographing that much more deep with meaning. It was my first time in tokyo and she held my hand the entire time and made sure i was happy. We had an absolute blast together. I highly recommend yoko to you if you need a guide! She is very quick also, so you must keep up! Haha! Being a professional photographer from NYC, i felt like she showed me so many things in the short time we were together. Just amazing, and super professional, with a nice sense of humor! When i return i will be hiring yoko again to show me more of japan!


Thank you so much writing a review so soon, Mr. Madden. It was a great pleasure for me. You appreciated almost every spot I took you so much so it was quite rewarding. Well, I was quite occupied with the time factor, so I walked faster than you so I didn't hold your hand but I usually walk much slower. I know you are young and would like to cover as much as you could within the short time, so I often ask you to make the signals where I usually relax and wait for the next one with other guests. So we could visit 1) Yanaka Ginza shopping street, 2) Nezu Shrine Festival with beautiful azaleas, 3) Shinobazu Pond of Ueno Park (with the view of Bentendo Temple and Tokyo Sky Tree), 4) Front Yard of the National Diet(Japanese Congress), 5) Sakuradamon Gate, 6) Imperial Palace Plaza with the view of Double Bridge, 7) Gyoukou Street where some wedding couples were taking pictures, 8) Marunouchi Building, 9) View of Rainbow Bridge from Takeshiba, 10) Tokyo Station, the classical side which history goes back to 1914. I will be waiting for you to come at the end of the year. You don't have to stay at Narita. You can stay at a business hotel in Tokyo and shoot more beautiful sights next time. See you soon!!

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