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Ramesh Ramesh United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ A very resourceful person with great knowledge base of Tokyo ”

My wife and I had a wonderful time with this guide. I covered all that was requested and more. The guide was timely resourceful and knowledgeable. Thanks Ram


Thank you, Cel and Ram! I hope you enjoyed your layover in Tokyo. It was fortunate that we managed to see some of the late-blooming cherry blossoms at Shinjuku Gyoen Garden. Sooo romantic to see such a loving couple taking selfies amidst all the seasonal blooms, like the azaleas and wisterias. Have fun going over the souvenir photos! We were just in time to catch Godzilla roaring and spewing smoke in Shinjuku. Although it's supposed to terrorize sightseers, it's more fascinating than scary, don't you think? I hope you both come back so we can explore more of Tokyo together. Perhaps on your way back home? Or on a different season maybe? Hope to see you again!

Private Tours

Kamakura your way

(91) Reviews
Zen Buddhism was started in Kamakura. For a 6-hour tour, please select destinations from the Itinerary section. We can modify it to suit your preferred...
6h MTR 832 up to 6 people

Kawagoe Old Town - 7hrs

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Showcases well-preserved traditional architecture featuring clay-wall warehouses. Kitain Temple has buildings which were relocated from Edo Castle. These a...
7h MTR 950 up to 6 people

Harajuku & Shibuya Half Day Walking Tour (4 hrs)

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Harajuku is Kawaii Town! (Kawaii = cute) It's a mecca for those into kawaii culture, particularly young ladies. This includes popular sites: the Meiji Jin...
4h MTR 554 up to 10 people

Shinjuku - Half Day, 4hrs - Daytime or Evening

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Would you like to explore Shinjuku, the entertainment capital of Japan? It's a walking tour which encompasses a visit to a 45-story observation deck, bac...
4h MTR 554 up to 6 people

Tokyo your way (4 hours)

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Ah, Tokyo! So little time, so many places to see! All the places recommended below (see Itinerary) are personal favorites. You can't go wrong with any of t...
4h MTR 594 up to 6 people

Home visit, Sushi making & learning from locals.

(91) Reviews
Toshi's house is in the beautiful upper-middle class residential area in the suburbs of Tokyo. It is a good opportunity to learn about Japanese life and cu...
7h MTR 475 per person