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Rema Rema United States ( Family )
Very Good
1 month ago

“ Local guide ”

Hiroki was easy to talk to and was unfazed by our requests and questions. We followed the itinerary as described at time of purchase of services, but had to curtail due to my severe allergies. We asked questions about Tokyo and Japan that go beyond what is readily available on line and Hiroki answered these as well he could. For us the highlights included an excellent lunch at Tsukiji and the boat ride.


Dear Rema, Thank-you very much for the nice review!! Your extensive and sharp questions gave me during my tour greatly activated my brain!! It's just one day, but I felt to be smarter than before !! There's no wonder your son became a excellent scientist in Cambridge !! I felt greatly honored to receive such a good review from you!! I hope to see you and your son again!! Yours sincerely, Hiroki