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Fabio Fabio Italy ( Couple )
7 months ago

“ Discovering new places in Tokyo ”

After doing the main sightseeing during previous days, we have asked Shoji to take us through new places. He was very helpful in customizing the tour for us. We were delighted and surprised by what seen (esp. Hamarikyu Gardens).


Thank you for your kind words, Fabio. I am very glad to hear that you enjoyed the tour. I look forward to seeing you again someday in Japan.

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Tokyo has a lot of sightseeing spots for foreign tourist. So, I narrowed them down to 8 spots for your options. If you are wondering where to go, book this...
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Must-see in Nikko One-day Tour

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Nikko World Heritage One-day Tour

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Highland Nikko Hiking and Cruising One-day Tour (May to Oct....

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