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Maybelle Maybelle United States ( Family )
1 year ago

“ Excellent tour in a short amount of time! ”

We had less than a day in tokyo and Our flight was moved to a later time. We got to see a lot in a short time! And it was fun to explore japan at night. Akira was so helpful in helping us see what we wanted in a short amount of time. He went out of his way to take photos of us and we were really grateful he was there to help us get around tokyo! The food we had was really delicious! He also took us to this amazing restaurant and we had the best katsu ever. We also had these custard desserts, which were also delicious. We would really recommend Akira because we got to spend our time efficiently and see what we wanted to see. Akira also has really good taste in restaurants and food so we really enjoyed our tour!


Dear Maybelle, Thank you so much for the great review. Tough we didn’t have much time and it didn’t go as we originally scheduled, I am so glad you enjoyed your first day in Tokyo and it was my pleasure to be a part of it. I hope it made a good introduction to my loving country and hope you come back to explore more about this chaotic, super-organized city with nice people. Sincerely, Akira

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