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2 years ago |   by Angela

We the Woods family would like to send a heartfelt thank you: “Arigatou Gozaimashita” to Saori, the consummate tour host and ambassador of Japan, who was very communicative, very punctual, very personable and pleasant. What a fantastic way to end our trip to Japan. The night before our scheduled tour on the 7th of August Saori sent us a fax stating that she hoped we made it to Japan safely and that she would meet us in the lobby at 0930 holding the sign reading One Day Tokyo Tour. She also reminded us to wear comfortable shoes as we would do a great deal of walking. The mode of transportation for our tour was by rail and on foot which was okay by us as we are used to a lot of walking in the Washington Metropolitan area (DMV). The morning of our tour we met Saori in the Hilton Tokyo Bay lobby as planned. Our first stop was to visit the Maihama Station where Saori helped us to pay for our Suica cards to be used on the rail system. As I later learned in transit, she’d skillfully planned our tour to ensure that we wouldn’t be caught in the midst of the local commuter rush hour (kudos). On our requested list of sites to see in Tokyo: Shibuya, Ginza district, Odaiba (100 yen shop), Mirkan National Museum of Natural Science (Asimo Robot showcase), Hamerikyu-Garden (semi Tea Ceremony experience), Tsukiji Fish market (last known bustling location in 2015), Although not visited in the order listed, Saori ensured that we got the chance to see every place on our customized tour list. Other optional sites to visit were the Tokyo Stock exchange, Sony Building, Tokyo Government Building or Tokyo SkyTree if time and weather permitted. What we weren’t able to fit in was no disappointment as we are already excited about planning our next trip to Tokyo and know we’ll have the opportunity to see what we missed out on the first visit. On our tour there was ample time for restroom breaks and a lunchbox meal which we purchased and enjoyed together inside of the museum. At the conclusion of our tour Saori went as far as the Tokyo station ensuring that we were safely seated on the train that would return us to the location of our hotel. Saori was well informed with the national history, commerce and technology, she possessed a wonderful command of the English language which allowed us to really understand, appreciate and capture cultural teachings and technology. If we had a question that she wasn’t sure about she didn’t hesitate to seek out the answer for us. She provided umbrella coverage and toted our gift bag which was very generous of her. At the Mirkan museum, Saori even returned to the building to recover an item left behind by my daughter then rejoined us on the tour several meters away. We highly recommend all of Saori’s dynamic energy and synergy as a Triple Lights representative and ambassador. Thanks for the beautiful hospitality and memories we will endure and cherish forever.