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Elaine Elaine United States ( Family with kids )
4 months ago

“ Like Family! ”

Our first 2 days in Tokyo would not have been the same without Toshi! Toshi took us to many of the highlights in Tokyo from food tour of Tsukiji Market to shrines in Asakusa to shopping in Harajuku and more shopping in Akihabara. She was very accommodating (and patient!) and flexible with all of our requests and any last minute changes. Most of all she felt like she was part of our family! We never felt like she was a tour guide but more like a family member showing us around. She is kind and knowledgeable and fun to be with! We miss Toshi already!


Thank you so much, Elaine! I had a wonderful time with your family. Just like you, I also felt like a member of your family and I quite enjoyed your company. So glad that we managed to hit all the food you wanted to try in Tsukiji Fish Market. Harajuku was fun, wasn't it? Also, Purikura photos from the cute selfie photo booth are particularly good souvenirs. I was impressed that your 5-year-old son was very well-behaved. I already miss his smile, especially the one he showed us right after he got a rabbit-faced ice cream. Please come back, as Tokyo is an ever-changing city. Matane! (see ya in English)

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