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Sarah Sarah Brazil ( Friends )
4 months ago

“ Best Japan Guide ”

I booked the tour with Mitsuru for my parents and their friends, they had the best time and loved everything about this trip. Mitsuru is very kind and helpful. He would explain to me everything they would do during their time together, so I wouldn’t be worried about not being there with them. Recommend Mitsuru 100%!


Querida Sarah, we definitely spent such as wonderful days in Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Kyoto and Nara!! Thank you so much for trusting on me, since I couldn’t make an itinerary before you book me.. between March and May, as we talked, I was guiding in different cities in Japan, from Okinawa to Aomori and Hakodate..Thanks to you, your parents & friends was able to see all those beautiful cherry blossoms, the Japanese culture, lifestyle and everything you had experience in the past. As I said to Glad and Emilio, I’ll see you guys one day in RS and let’s have an authentic churrasco gaúcho together!! Grazie mille ;-)