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Erin Erin United States ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Fabulous Mother/Daughter Trip with Mari! ”

My mother and I were fortunate enough to be able to tour with Mari for two days during our visit to Tokyo this month. From the time we booked Mari to the end of our tours, we couldn't have asked for a better guide for the city. Mari was a fantastic guide who was extremely organized and thoughtful and even sent us materials about visiting Japan in advance of our trip. She was very attentive and made sure that her pace and modes of transportation were comfortable for my mother which I really appreciated. Day 1 of our visit in Tokyo was extremely rainy, however this did not prevent Mari from ensuring that we were able to see several exciting sites on our schedule including the east gardens of the Imperial Palace. We also were able to get out of the rain and experience a delicious soba and tempura lunch at a lovely restaurant in Tokyo. A highlight of our rainy day in Tokyo included a visit to the Ota Memorial Museum of Art where we were lucky to see an exhibition of the original works of Hokusai, as well as background on woodblock printing that was fascinating. Mari had printed materials to share with us at each of our tour stops which demonstrated her passion for touring and her commitment to ensuring that we were getting the most out of each visit. My mother and I were keen on seeing as many Cherry Blossoms as we could and Mari made sure that we were able to see them throughout the city including along the canal at Kaminguero and at Shinjuku Gyoen (highly recommend for anyone who is going to Japan to see the blossoms). She was also extremely patient while taking several pictures of my mother and I so that we could capture some great memories. She even caught some fun action shots of my mother and I crossing Shibuya Scramble. Another highlight from our tour with Mari included a delicious sushi picnic lunch where Mari showed us how to grate wasabi, which was a special touch to our luncheon. She took us through Tsukiji Market which is a real treat for any sushi lovers as we were able to sample a variety of tuna and other raw fish which we then brought along on our picnic. At the conclusion of our tour, Mari went out of her way to stand in a long ticket line with us to make sure that my mother and I booked the correct train to Kyoto the following day. She even printed out materials of the views that we could expect to see from the train which was so thoughtful. My mother and I highly recommend taking a tour with Mari because she really went above and beyond to make sure that our mother/daughter trip was truly unforgettable. If we ever get back to Tokyo again, we will definitely reach out to Mari for another tour. Thank you!


Want a wonderful review I had. I was moved by your review. It was my great pleasure to share the two days with you. I still remembered various wonderful memories with you, especially cherry blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen which were gorgeous. I was impressed that both of you are very sweet and warm-hearted. I look forward to seeing you again some time. Let me guide you again. Thank you for everything. Please take care.

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