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Ariana Ariana Romania ( Family )
2 months ago

“ Hiromi took us to all the places we wanted to go - she is great! ”

A full day in Tokyo can be exhausting - we knew that and it actually proved to be a bit more than we had thought. Hiromi, however, was very well organized and included all our wishes as best she could, even though it meant rushing through the streets of Tokyo to get everywhere in time. We started off at our hotel and headed to Akihabara to visit a cat cafe that we had asked her to take us to - it was an absolutely lovely experience that all three of us enjoyed a lot! Then we were off to Ueno park, a bit rushed, then to Asakusa, again in a bit of a rush through massive crowds. The last bit was actually the best - a river cruise to Odaiba, a little over an hour of relaxation aboard a very modern boat - the Hotaluna - with a terrace to enjoy stunning views of Tokyo and take fantastic pictures. The island of Odaiba was absolutely impressive, with modern and daring architecture, no crowds, large alleys and streets where walking was a joy, as opposed to Tokyo city centre where walking is a nightmare. We had a relaxed lunch with a sea view and continued to visit some of the island's top spots: the Fuji building, the Miraikan museum, among others. Hiromi proved to be an excellent guide and tailored the itinerary according to our every wish, even though she had to keep us running to get everything done. Her English is exceptional - a highly educated person, with impeccable ethics.


Thank you very much for writing review. I'm very happy to know you enjoyed the tour. That is most important things and I care about. As you say, it is difficult to find a relaxing place in the middle of Tokyo, especially cherry blossom season. But at least I'm glad to hear you spent some relaxing time at Odaiba. See you again someday!

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