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Tiffany Tiffany Italy ( Family )
3 months ago

“ A day in Tokyo ”

I booked Toshihiro as his previous reviews were so good and he did not disappoint. The one day tour was a great way to see so many sites and get to many different parts of town without the hassle of planning or getting lost in the subway system. Toshihiro is a true gentleman, very patient and considerate with impeccable manners. We would definitely recommend booking him.


Dear Tiffany-san, Thank you for the marvelous tour review. You are excellent two couples from Europe. It was curious and useful time for me to see what kinds of items you stopped at and showed interests during the tour. You know very much about the history of Japan. You have insightful ideas on the difference between Japan and your country. You gave me a lot of opportunity to reexamine the history. Thank you very much. Best regards, Toshihiro

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