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Martina Martina Germany ( Friends )
1 year ago

“ good for a quick overview on the first day in Tokyo ”

We had booked Toshihiro as a private guide for the 2 of us. He came to our hotel in the morning and took us to all the places of importance and those we wanted to see in addition: Asakura, Ginza, Harajuku, Imperial Palace, fish market, Meiji shrine. We skipped sky tree and Eno park which we visited on our own. Having been to historic Kyoto before, we reduced shrine viewing time in Tokyo in favor of seeing more public places in a short time esp. food markets and shopping areas….Toshi had asked in advance and had planned the route according to our wishes. He even remembered to take me to a store where I could buy some Manga. It was a long day (and probably overtime for Toshi) but thx to the 1-day subway ticket and Toshis sense of orientation we could see much more on our first day than if we had tried to figure out the best route all on our own. With that knowledge and overview it was easier to get around Tokyo in the days to come and revisit the places on our own, that we liked most. Florian + Tina Stuttgart, Germany


Dear Florian-san and Tina-san, Thank you for the wonderful tour review. It was my delightful time to guide orderly and intellectual German people like you. I was really surprised as you are very familiar with Japanese culture, and purchased several Japanese Manga comic books. I appreciate your attitude of being open minded and also being interested in less touristic places, eager to learn about Japanese culture and also everyday life. It is sometimes difficult to guide people who are interested in Japanese culture because definition and/or contents of culture are different by person, but you supported me well for choosing which spots we should visit. Thank you very much again. I am truly happy to get good comments on the tour from you. I believe that you will come to Japan again in near future and purchase more Manga comic books. Best regards, Toshihiro

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