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Natalia Natalia Russian Federation ( Couple )
3 months ago

“ Fantastic trip to Japan ”

My husband and I were in Japan for the first time, and we think the trip was a success largely due to Hiroyuki.We would like to express our great appreciation to our guide for the wonderful trip. All the four days Hiroyuki spent with us were planned by the minute. Hiroyuki showed us wonderful Tokyo, amazing Nikko and beautiful Kamaguru. Hiroyuki from the first day taught us how to use public transport, metro, trains and navigate in the city. All the recommendations that Hiroyuki gave us were extremely helpful: the choice of hotel, tour plans, local restaurants and shops.


Dear Natalia I am very pleased to receive your praise for my job. I am so sorry that on the tours of both Nikko and Kamakura the weathers were bad due to the thick fog and heavy rain. Since I've heard you enjoyed trip regardless of such weathers, I feel relieved a little. Japan is a wonderful country to travel in, in that you see many things, eat really Japanese dishes, drink sake and experience culture and traditon. I hope you will visit Japan someday in the near future and I will be able to accompany you as a guide. I wish your happiness and much success. Thank you very much! Hiroyuki