Tokyo Bar Hopping Hopping Tour

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Richard Richard United States ( Couple )
1 year ago

“ Good but could be better ”

The concept of the bar hopping tour had a lot of promise. It was a good introduction to the area and some of the popular dishes. But, not a fan of how limited and extremely basic the menus were. We were looking for dishes that are popular for the locals and what your typical American would consider “exotic”. The choices were very safe and almost boring. We were also hoping to learn more about the culture and the history. There was some very limited basic history of each area visited, but it would’ve been nice to be taught basic manners and customs of Japanese people, more about the food we were eating, etc. We only learned because we were a curious group of people and knew the right questions to ask in order to get meaningful answers.


Bar-hop to Hidden izakaya in Shinjuku

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Bar-hop to Hidden izakaya in Shibuya

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