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“ Tour review with Mari ”

We hired Mari for two days in Tokyo. It wasn't for two consecutive days as we had a day in-between to spend with some friends. Mari was quite flexible when arranging the itinerary. Since it was a custom tour we just told her what we wanted to see, do and experience and she handled arranging the tour in an efficient manner. She broke up the tour of Tokyo into the west side on one day and East side on the other day. Mari was very patient with us as we were slow walkers. We don't do much walking in California as we pretty much drive our cars everywhere we go. Mari explained to us how to use the subways and metros in Tokyo quite effectively. It could be very confusing not only of the language barrier but also of the multitudes of people using the stations and also of the enormous sizes of the stations. It is very easy to get lost in the crowd. Mari is quite knowledgeable of her history of Japan and Tokyo in general. She shares them quiet readily and also in answering your questions. She makes the conversation with you quite interesting by also asking you general questions which you may know or not know the answer to which is okay as well. Mari knew the right places to be in; the most memorable was a trip up in one of the buildings where we could look down on the action in the Shibuya crossing. It was quite amazing to cross it on the ground but even more amazing watching the action from a few floors up. Quite a site. Overall we enjoyed Mari's company as our tour guide as we visited places in Tokyo that we wanted to see.


Thank you so much for your detailed and wonderful review. I was surprised that you have good memory. Your wonderful review encouraged me a lot as a tour guide. I still remember that the cherry blossoms at Asakusa Sensoji was beautiful. I’m glad to know that you were excited about the buildings where you could look down on the action in the Shibuya crossing. Thank you again and please take care.

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