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Elsie Elsie Australia ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Cherry Blossom and shrine visit ”

Being a solo female traveler I was so nervous about coming to Japan by myself and worried about how I was going to manage. I hired Akira to help show me around my first day to help me see the cherry blossoms, help me learn how the trains work and to learn shrine/temple etiquette. He took me to the most beautiful park and explained the different types of cherry blossom. He also took photos for me which was a big help! He showed me where to exchange my rail pass and I booked in the first train for where I need to go. He took me to one of his favorite Ramen noodle shops and it was amazing! When visiting the shrine he explained so many aspects of how everything was connected. I found it extremely touching he also passed on things his grandfather had told him as well. He showed me what to do while there which is extremely important to me so I can stay respectful. If you are unsure if you should hire Akira don’t be. He made me feel very comfortable in a unfamiliar city. Gave me the confidence to be able to then get around on my own. His English is fantastic and easy to understand. He holds a great conversation and is very respectful. Thank you Akira for helping me start off my trip on the right foot and helping to give me the confidence to travel on my own and feel safe. Arigatōgozaimashita!

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