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Maureen Maureen United States ( Family )
4 months ago

“ Exceptionally knowledgeable, personable and dedicated to her clients in providing an exceptional experience of Japan. ”

Our expectations of our 7 day sojourn to Tokyo and environs were exceeded and I attribute this to our wonderful guide, Junko. She brought us to old and new Tokyo. We saw every day life and walked historical Tokyo. We viewed gardens and blooming Cherry trees!! Many of the shrines, temples and gardens brought us to tears with their beauty and history. History spoke to us through Junko's retelling of the Edo period as we walked the many sites in the city. The traditions of the temples and shrines were revealed through her voice. We ended our day thinking we had been reading a history text book as we recalled all that we experienced with Junko as our guide and interpreter. We could not have experienced as much a we did without Junko. She was personal, kind and a delight to be with every minute. She advised and enhanced our independent days. Her chosen lunch restaurants exposed us to authentic Japanese cuisine. I highly recommend her expert guidance that we were fortunate to experience in Tokyo and Kamakura.


I appreciate your great review a lot, Maureen! I am really happy you and Lily enjoyed Japanese gardens and cheery blossoms. I also had a wonderful time with you, which I will never forget. Hope you would come to Japan in future to see beautiful colored autumn leaves. Thank you again and take care. Junko

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