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Steven Steven United States
3 years ago

Saori is by far the best guide I've been with in a very long time. My first full day in Tokyo was, in a word, fantastic! We started out by chatting about what we should go see and then mapped out our destinations in order. All the while she was teaching me how to get around the area with fluent English, this was priceless. After we decided on the areas to visit and the order she guided me through the process of getting my rail pass and we were off. I was really impressed with her breadth as well as depth of knowledge in the history of Japan. This really came through as we walked through town as she pointed out all kinds of wonderful things and explained their meaning in a very easy to understand manner. There were plenty of opportunities for pictures and I never felt rushed when I stopped to take a few pictures (or was told about a good photo opportunity). She was very careful to help me through conversations with vendors, restaurant staff and vendors. The days I spent sightseeing after my time with Saori really highlighted how much she did to make the tour go smoothly and made me wish I could have her around every day! If you have the opportunity to come visit this great counrty and its people, do yourself a favor and book your first day (or several days) with Saori. You won't regret it. My only regret with booking Saori is that I didn't book her for more days :) She's great!!!


Dear Steve, Thank you very much for your review and your kind advice for my tour. I know I have a lot of things to learn and improve, and your comment gives me much energy to work for it. Please come back again to Japan someday and I would be pleased to serve as your friendly guide.