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Pradeepkumar Pradeepkumar India ( Family with kids )
4 months ago

“ Knowledgeable, Professional and nice human being ”

Kyoko San is very much down to earth, Flexible and nice human being. She has a in-depth knowledge of all places and wr had very informative tour with her


Thank you very much for your warm comment, Pradeepkumar-san. I was impressed you are making very good relationship among your father- and brothers-in-law. I was also surprised that only you are a vegitarian due to religious rules. At that time , I felt sorry for you but I was wrong. Later, I realized you have high pride about that , which made me feel very happy now. Thank you very much again and again. I believe we can meet again someday in the near future!

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One day trip to Hakone

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Free Tour In Tokyo wherever you like

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4 hours night tour in Shinjuku

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by Kyoko
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