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Kira Kira United States ( Solo )
1 year ago

“ Garden Tour and Tea Ceremony ”

Hiromi was a good guide; she was friendly and happily answered my many questions and helped us with a Suica card mix-up. I was a little disappointed that our tea ceremony was in a hotel rather than a real tea house, however we booked our tour only a week ahead of time and Hiromi said that March is a busy month, so I understand that perhaps it wasn't possible. And, after the official tea ceremony was over, the host offered to let my brother and I make the tea ourselves, which was wicked cool (!) and an opportunity that I don't think would have been presented in a real tea house, so that made up for my initial disappointment. Thank you for a good tour!


Kira-san, Thank you very much for writing review. It was very nice meeting you and your brother. I'm sorry that you didn't like the tea house so much. Unfortunately since Tokyo is a big city many of tea houses are built inside of hotels. And each of them are different. There is a tea house with Japanese Garden, where conduct 'ryurei style' (seating on chair not tatami mattress). Also I use actual tea master's house which is used for real tea ceremony practice. It is really depends on availability of the tea house or tea room at that time... But one things I can say, I usually choose the place which is not tourist orientated and conducted by good tea master with proper tea utensils. I'm very glad to hear you enjoyed the tour, that is most important and I care for the customer. Thank you :)

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